Chapter 46 animal reproduction

Chapter 46 animal reproduction - c. vas deferens d. urethra...

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Chapter 46: Animal Reproduction (entire chapter) I. Types of reproduction A. Asexual reproduction (Concept 46.1) 1. binary fission 2. budding 3. fragmentation 4. parthenogenesis B. Sexual reproduction 1. Two types of gonads 2. Forms of sexual reproduction a. biparental reproduction b. hermaphroditism (simultaneous and sequential) II. Fertilization (Concept 46.2) A. External fertilization B. Internal fertilization III. Reproductive Structure and basic functioning A. Invertebrates: highly variable B. Vertebrates: focus on human (Concept46.3) 1. Males (Fig. 46.10, 46.12, 46.14) a. gonads (testes with seminiferous tubules and interstitial cells) b. epididymis
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Unformatted text preview: c. vas deferens d. urethra e. glands: seminal vesicles, prostate gland, bulburethral glands f. penis g. ejaculation 2. Females (Fig. 46.9, 46.11, 46.13) a. gonads (ovaries) b. oviducts c. uterus d. vagina e. external genitalia f. Bartholin’s gland IV. Hormonal regulation of reproductive systems (Fig. 46.14, 46.13) A. Males (see notes above) B. Female reproductive system 1. ovarian cycle 2. menstrual cycle 3. hormonal regulation of these cycles (Fig. 46.13)—make a giant flow chart 4. Pregnancy 5. Birth and lactation V. Contraception and reproductive technology (Read on your own: pp 982-984)...
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Chapter 46 animal reproduction - c. vas deferens d. urethra...

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