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Chapter 47: Development I. Overview II. Fertilization (Concept 47.1) A. Problem 1: How does the egg prevent polyspermy? (Fig. 47.3, 47.4, 46.6) B. Problem 2: How is the egg activated? III. Cleavage (Fig. 47.7-47.10) A. One large cell many small cells called blastomeres B. Cleavage is affected by polarity of the egg C. Blastula D. Forms of cleavage: holoblastic or meroblastic cleavage
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Gastrulation (Fig. 47.11-47.13) A. Definition B. Germ layers (Fig. 47.16) C. Process of gastrulation (eg. Frog) V. Organogenesis (Fig. 37.14-17) A. Fish/amphibians B. Birds, reptiles, mammal organogenesis VI. Morphogenesis (Concept 47.2) VII. Developmental fate of cells (very brief)...
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