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proposal final draft - 1 Antibiotics Friend or Foe For many...

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1 Antibiotics: Friend or Foe? For many years scientists have been studying the theory of evolution and its effects on certain species. Charles Darwin’s research on natural selection and the Galapagos finches first sparked this study. Natural selection is the process by which members of a species that are more adapted to their natural environment will survive and pass their genes on more often than those who are not. As an understanding of natural selection has grown through the years, so has scientist’s ability to exploit this process in order to breed plants and animals with more desirable traits. This form of controlled selection is called artificial selection. In many ways selection is a beneficial process. There are some instances however, in which selection has lead to negative consequences on the human race. One of the injurious effects of selection is the evolution of certain strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics that once killed them easily. Antibiotics were once the cure all for any type of bacterial infection. Over the years certain strains of bacteria have developed immunity to the antibiotics that are used to treat infections. This antibiotic resistance is leading to increasing problems in the medical world today. Infections that were once treated easily with antibiotics are becoming increasingly difficult to cure. The way in which bacteria develop this resistance is very complex and can occur in a variety of ways. One way is through the transfer of plasmids from one bacterium to another. A plasmid is a piece of DNA that is separate from the bacterium’s main strand of DNA. These plasmids carry the genes necessary to resist the effects of antibiotics on the cell.
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proposal final draft - 1 Antibiotics Friend or Foe For many...

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