Ch. 12 - Executive Branch: the Presidency Founders did not...

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Executive Branch: the Presidency Founders did not want a king or a tyrannical ruler o Lots of checks on presidential power However, our president has a very powerful position with many formal and informal powers Basis of Presidency o Single Presidency o Selection neither by people or Congress (electoral college) o Fixed Term 4 years for each term Can only serve 2 terms or 10 years o Only removed by impeachment (or resignation) House decides on impeachment Senate holds trial and removes from office o Veto power o not required to have an advisory council Duties are often contradictory and impossible for 1 person. Requirements o 35 years old o live in the USA for 14 continuous years o natural born citizen Formal Powers via the Constitution o Chief Executive of Federal Bureaucracy o Nominate and appoint key officials o Implement and enforce laws o Veto bills Total vetoes : 2550 Regular Vetoes : 1484 Pocket Vetoes : 1066 Total overridden : 106 8 Presidents have never vetoed a bill Adams Jefferson Q. Adams Harrison Taylor Fillmore Garfield W. Bush in first term o o Negotiate Treaties o Recognize Foreign Nations o Commander in Chief o Chief of State Symbol of United States to foreign countries o Pardon or Grant Clemency Pardon clears slate Clemency reduces penalty o Power to Convene Congress Informal Powers o Propose an annual budget o Develop policies that promote peace and prosperity o National morale builder o International peace maker
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o Public Opinion Leader o Party Leader Things Presidents Use o Treaty (formal power) President proposes, and congress ratifies with 2/3 vote Now, many presidents use
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Ch. 12 - Executive Branch: the Presidency Founders did not...

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