Ch. 5 - through Congress o Some policies that would be in...

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Public Opinion How do we know what people think? o Do we ask every person? Sampling 1000-1500 people is the magic voodoo number for sampling. Random Sampling o Sampling error o Sampling bias Political Socialization o Converse’s ‘nonattitudes’ o Wording affects a lot If a survey says ‘right to choose’ you see a very different response than ‘killing babies’ Question order First questions can set mindsets and affect later responses Close-ended vs. open-ended ‘yes/no’ may not really be how people feel ‘ramble ramble ramble’ can be difficult to analyze What impacts how we think? o Families ! o Schools Pledge of Allegiance, 1950s Simple way to convey core values
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o Mass Media o Events o Social Groups o Region o Religion o Education o Race o Age o Gender o o Jobs Public Opinion Changes over time o Founders made it difficult to translate public opinion into law… Bills are difficult to get
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Unformatted text preview: through Congress o Some policies that would be in force if general supportive public opinion immediately became law. .. American Political Culture o Core Values o Political ideology Political Party identification Liberal Conservative Realignment What Makes Somebody an American? o Poll in California published in 1993 o Characteristic Anglo African-Amer Hispanic Asian o Treating all equally 89 94 81 93 o Trying to get ahead 77 69 67 56 o Speaking English 77 85 67 70 o Voting 78 71 69 70 o Speaking up for the country51 63 54 43 o Believing in God 36 65 48 35 Efficacy o Related to income Higher the income, higher the efficacy o Political participation What if you feel you do not have a voice? Don't vote Protests Civil disobedience Presidential Approval Rating...
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Ch. 5 - through Congress o Some policies that would be in...

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