Ch. 2 - Chapter 2 - The Constitution In the...

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Chapter 2 - The Constitution In the beginning….Colonial governments have ‘compacts’ The Puritans(read: Pilgrims) established a theocracy o A religion-based government Other colonies (MD, NY, NJ, PA, DE, NC, SC, GA) came from royal grants…. o They were established as proprietary colonies. .. o Proprietors decided on government State legislatures borrowed: the idea of bicameralism Some procedures of how a bill becomes a law The American Revolution 2nd Continental Congress began to meet in 1775…. o The pamphlet ‘Common Sense’, by Thomas Paine helped get support in the colonies to separate o 1776 - separation was considered inevitable and by July, the Declaration of Independence was written Key things in the Declaration Influenced by John Locke’s The Second Treatise on Government The idea of a social contract o ideas colonists were “created equal, had certain natural rights, and government got its powers from the governed” Articles of Confederation o Shay’s Rebellion Tax on farmers to pay for militia Farmers couldn’t pay o Foreclosures Attack on courts Pointed out flaws in the Articles of Confederation Problems solving crises in a single state o This was the first constitutional framework… o What is a Confederation? A loose collective of individual states o Good about the Articles There is a central government Center Govt. could make war or peace o First organized agreement between the states ‘league of friendship’ o Wrong with the Articles Problems power, taxes, commerce, chief executive, money Couldn’t force states to ‘play nice’ with each other (commercial warfare) o Important points about the Articles Were the states independent countries who loosely joined together or were they an interconnected country? Power of National Government limited too much Constitutional Convention o Shay’s Rebellion (Sept 1786) is a catalyst for the Constitutional Convention ( May 1787) o 74 delegates invited only 55 arrived and only about 40 really took part in the Convention o Proceedings were kept secret… o Founders James Madison
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Note taker o Only reason we have any information about the proceedings o The Convention starts on May 25, 1787… the weather in Philadelphia is hot and sticky… By the end of August, 11 of the 55 invented an excuse to leave
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Ch. 2 - Chapter 2 - The Constitution In the...

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