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Christ and Nation - Christ and Nation Notes Brianna Ryan 1 American to me has always seemed something foreign and ill-suited to me I generally

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Christ and Nation Notes Brianna Ryan 1. American, to me, has always seemed something foreign and ill-suited to me. I generally envision myself as more of an Irish-Norwegian immigrant, somewhat displaced, but, still to classify myself as simply ‘American’ is to cover up my heritage. I feel akin to wooly Nordic sweaters that make my neck itch and burn, lefse with butter and brown sugar, and rowdy Irish pubs. I didn’t necessarily grow up with these things, but I ignorantly idealize them as symbols of my heritage. It’s in the same way in which anyone far-removed from my heritage could symbolize the countries. I know much more American history than other countries’ histories combined. Undoubtedly, this has to do with where I was raised, and yet, even being heightened to the histories—plights and celebrations-- of Americans I feel still disconnected. My identity seems more a façade, my Nationalistic dedication is skewed. I hold very different political views than what is practiced in America. I believe
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