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History notes October 10 - b Opium 1700 good trade secretly...

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History notes October 10, 2007 Textbook: 1750-1850 Revolutions Economics Ottoman, India, China Qing 1750-1850 China gradually lost independence 1644 to late 18 th century Opium Wars Interpretation Canton system, relative isolation of China, trade limited to city of Canton, paid tax to imperial family, highly controlled Opium wars a) pre-conditions 1792 McCartney, fails in re-negotiation of the Canton System between British and Chinese
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Unformatted text preview: b) Opium 1700 good trade, secretly shipped 1830s 30 thousand chests of opium illegally entering China British won, China tried to cut off trade of Opium, 1839 or 59 Treaty of Nanking ‘most favoured nation’ British receive whatever privileges given to other nations by la chinoise British must be compensated for cost of war Extraterritoriality Physical dependency, concessions, debt > taiping...
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