Evidence for Evolution

Evidence for Evolution - A crucial concept The...

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A crucial concept The understanding that life has evolved is a fundamental principle in modern biology All of modern biology is unified by the concept of evolution A short history of the development of evolutionary thought Early ideas held that all life forms were created simultaneously, and remained in their forms permanently after that time- Aristotle, Plato; 3 rd and 4 th century BC These ideas remained unchallenged until the 18 th century A Short History, cont’d In the 17th century, European exploration of Africa, Asia, and the Americas began. Each voyage usually had an on-board naturalist – a person who collected and studied the new organisms encountered in these strange new places The naturalists’ observations: There were FAR more types of organisms on earth than they had previously suspected Patterns emerged--each area had its own distinct set of species, and some of these closely resembled each other, yet differed in certain characteristics A Short History Cont’d
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Evidence for Evolution - A crucial concept The...

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