Exam 1 - and active transport ways of crossing the membrane Energy active transport Calcium has to be taken in by the cell… look at

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Review Notes- Chapters 1-4 Short answer and multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks… Look at the in-class activities Drug Resistance Natural Selection- examples Use this as an example of Evolution…. Question- difference between animal and plant cells Questions at end of chapter Material Talk about what can happen… look at notes from board in class…gradient…what direction…high to low Don’t worry about …tonic terms Diffusion…osmosis (water moving in or outside the cell)…facilitated diffusion…passive
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Unformatted text preview: and active transport- ways of crossing the membrane Energy- active transport Calcium has to be taken in by the cell… look at concentration (up or down (energy)) then would know if energy or not)…how to tell if requires energy Look at PowerPoint notes Endocytosis- from outside to inside the cell Exocytosis- from inside the cell to outside of cell...
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