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Corey Crew Crew 1 HK 114 Carole DeHaven 4/8/08 Self-Reflection of Videotaped Lesson 1.) I felt very good about my teaching performance. During the beginning of my teaching session I felt nervous and scared. I always feel that I may mess up my wording or give confusing instructions. This feeling seem to have gone away because the video shows that I felt more comfortable as the lesson progressed. There were also points of the lesson where I felt I did not do as well. I kind of felt like I was a drill sergeant in most parts of the lesson. Although the lesson only focused on fitness, I could have been more helpful to the students throughout the lesson. I realize that I have a lot of work to do. I think teaching will get much easier as I get more experience. I will be able to iron out my mistakes with the more chances that I get to teach. 2.) In my teaching experience, I learned that I have a deep voice. I did not realize how deep my voice was until watching this video. In some cases I did not understand some of the things I was saying to the students in the class. My commands where strong to the students which I think gave them motivation to carry on through the exercises. At the end of the lesson Dustin Swartzel said that he felt like I was on his back the whole time motivating him to progress through the exercises. I also learned in my lesson that I used too much time on each exercise. Some of the exercises that I planned did not need as many repetitions. I think some of the students got bored with as many repetitions as I planned. The
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last thing that I learned from my teaching experience was my ability to give directions. It seemed like the whole class understood my directions to the
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self response hk 114 - Corey Crew HK 114 Carole DeHaven...

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