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Semicolon presentation

Semicolon presentation - punctuation Example There are...

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Grammar Mini Lesson The Usage of Semicolons A semicolon binds two sentences or independent clauses together. It often replaces conjunctions. It may also be used in place of a comma, in order to make the meaning of the sentence clearer. - Semicolons may be used between closely related independent clauses not joined by a coordinating conjunction. Example: I am going to the antique store; I will be back shortly. - Semicolons may be used between independent clauses linked with a transitional phrase or conjunctive adverb. Example: I thought of going to the antique store; however I decided against it. - Semicolons may be used between items in a series containing internal
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Unformatted text preview: punctuation. Example: There are several antique stores in Woodbridge, New Jersey; Brooklyn, New York; Saginaw, Michigan; and Madison, Wisconsin. -Semicolons may be used to separate independent clauses that are joined by coordinating conjunctions when the clauses have internal commas that might lead to misreading. Example: I bought an antique table, a chest, a lamp, and a vase; but when my wife saw them, she made me give them away to neighbors, family and friends. A semicolon is always followed by a lower case letter unless the letter is a proper noun....
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