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Comparative Pol - Introduction to Comparative Politics-...

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Introduction to Comparative Politics- Paper Assignment For the success of Livonia in the future years, proposal 1 should be followed to make changes in the country. However there are a few weaknesses in this proposal and I will be addressing them along with its strengths. I would also like to establish in the beginning that Livonia would have a multi- party system because of its history. This is because of the different types and the number of parties that it has at the time of its independence. We can also see from the ethnic divide of this country, that there are people from quite a few different ethnicities and religious beliefs living here. To insure support from the people of Livonia and to be fair to them, one must take their requests into consideration and let all the parties compete against each other in the upcoming elections. If such is not the case, the citizens of Livonia would be displeased which may lead to a boycott of the election. Since this is a transition to democracy for Livonia, its citizen’s voices should be heard. The fact that proposal 1 is suggesting a one round election is a weakness. This is because one-round voting does not work very well with multi-party systems (Tucker, Oct 15). One round election is efficient when there is a two party system in place. In comparison, a two round election offers legitimacy because a lot of candidates are running which may lead to very low plurality. Also it gives more support to the third candidate if it comes back in the second round. One of the strengths of proposal 1 is that the president’s term will be limited in the office. This is very important because if the president is corrupt or not doing his job in the office, the people of Livonia will not get stuck with him; after all a term with no limits may lead to dictatorship.
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Furthermore, the president’s ability to veto bills and the legislature’s ability to override presidential veto is very important because it implements checks and balances within the system, which are very important in a democratic society (Tucker, Oct 3). Checks and balances insure that none of the branches of the government over step their boundaries and make a selfish decision which may be grave for the country’s future. With the same token, the fact that the parliament needs to approve of the president’s personally selected cabinet is also very important
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Comparative Pol - Introduction to Comparative Politics-...

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