Lecture Notes 080706

Lecture Notes 080706 - -less education-virginity is...

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Katie Kerr SOC 302 August 7, 2006 Why do women have more rights/privileges in some societies than in others? Dyadic Power Dyadic relationships: two person, heterosexual relationships Whichever partner within the relationship is a member of the abundant sex, that  partner experiences power dependency.   Easily replaceable More dependent on your partner than your partner is on you How do they try to make themselves less replaceable? - try to enhance physical attractiveness - making a lot of money - trying to create alliances/cooperate with other members of your sex to  reduce your dependence on your partner - cooperate to create norms, values, laws and standards that increase  dependence on them Males (sex ratio above 100) - emphasize chastity - norms: women are mothers/wives
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Unformatted text preview: -less education-virginity is required in mate structural power – power on the macro level(laws that lessen power dependency) Females (sex ration below 100) When there is a shortage of men, men are advantaged on the dyadic level. Norms are not as important. Intense female competition Women cooperate and make female empowerment groups to change the old laws Women’s Movement Focus On 1. Full Participation in Politics You can’t change laws if you have no voting rights. 2. Full Participation in the Labor Force Equal pay for equal work Removing economic dependence on husbands Female choice 3. Control over reproduction and sexuality If you’re always pregnant, it’s hard to establish economic dependence...
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Lecture Notes 080706 - -less education-virginity is...

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