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Lecture Notes 070306 - serious negative effects disease...

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Katie Kerr SOC 302 July 3, 2006 Macrosociological Theories 1) Structural Functionalism 2) Social Evolutionary 3) Conflict 2) Social Evolutionary 4 Socio-Cultural Characteristics/Innovations 1. Large size Societies that have more members tend to be at an advantage over those  with fewer members. Qualifier: As population size increases, the probability of that society being  successful for the long haul also increases until such time as the population  outstrips the available resources 2. The Development of Technology Increases the society’s availability to adapt to its environment 3. Complex Division of Labor As the complexity of the division of labor increases, so does the probability  that the society will be viable over the long haul.       Specialization carries downsides as well. 4. Urbanization Percentage of a society’s population that lives in urban centers Downside: If the city has not produced the infrastructure, it can produce some 
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Unformatted text preview: serious negative effects: disease, famine, etc. Gas-produced machines (especially automobiles) can cause a society to become maladaptive) 3) Conflict Theory What is the conflict that tears people apart? Basic Propositions 1) Starting from different places in the stratification system, people compete both as individuals and as aggregates for access to resources and power 2) Using a variety of means some people compete more successfully than other sand therefore enjoy preferential access to resources and power 3) Those who are more successful try to defend their advantages and to pass them on intergenerationally. 4) Those who are less successful also try to improve their access to resources and power; sometimes as individuals, other times they form alliances with other people. 5) The result is social conflict....
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Lecture Notes 070306 - serious negative effects disease...

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