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Lecture Notes 080106

Lecture Notes 080106 - -stereotypes are perpetuated if the...

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Katie Kerr SOC 302 August 1, 2006 Prejudice – an attitudinal bias towards a group of people Prejudices can be positive or negative. Types of Prejudice 1) Scapegoating – to inaccurately identify a group of people as the cause of  some complex situation for which they have little or no responsibility ex. Jews during WWII Characteristics of Scapegoats 1. Relatively weak groups (politically, numerically, etc.) 2. highly visible a. differing physical characteristics b. cultural characteristics c. media 2) Stereotyping – an overgeneralization that is applied to everyone that is a  member of a particular group Stereotypes vs.  empirical generalizations Based on beliefs rooted in hard data Apply to everyone deal with averages Allow for variations Factors that Reduce Levels of Prejudice 1) Interaction Conditions: a. between people of relatively equal status
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Unformatted text preview: -stereotypes are perpetuated if the statuses are not equal during interaction b. people are coming together in a non-threatening environment c. working together in pursuit of a common objective Discrimination – denying people equal access to resources because of their membership in some group Two types 1. Individual/Small Group Discrimination Occurs when members of the dominant group, working as individuals or small groups, deny access to resources to members of a subordinate group 2. Institutional Discrimination The policies or procedures that have the consequence of denying minority members equal access to resources regardless of whether that is the intent Direct – segregation laws, etc. Indirect – cost of college education, legacy of college, etc....
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Lecture Notes 080106 - -stereotypes are perpetuated if the...

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