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Katie Kerr SOC 302 July 12, 2006 Socialization is a life long process. The specific forms that the family assumes vary tremendously across time and  space. Family -  a small, kinship structured group whose primary function of which is the  care and socialization of infants Kinship – both biological and social Characteristics of Families in Pre-Modern Societies 1) 77% of societies have allowed polygamy Institutionalized monogamy + easy divorce => serial polygamy 2) 69% are patrilocal (live with or close association with the husband’s 
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Unformatted text preview: family) 3) 75% allow men to easily divorce their wives Cross Cultural Functions of the Family 1) sexual gratification and the regulation of sexual patterns a. All societies have rules regarding sexual partners i. Incest taboos ii. Assortative mating – to select sexual patterns on the basis of phenotypic likeness b. pretty much across the board, more restrictions are placed on women’s sexual activity than on men’s c....
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