Lecture Notes - 061406

Lecture Notes - 061406 - -truth of premises (a)-validity...

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Katie Kerr PHL 304 June 14, 2006 1. Half of good philosophy is good grammar 2. the other half is good thinking Philosophical Writing - Clarity is a virtue - Precision (avoid vague terms and general expressions) - Write the essay YOU would like to read Author and Audience - Assume that the audience (instructor, TA) is uninformed - No “I feel” - Reasons: Why? (you have to justify claims you make) - Arguments Argument - a sequence of propositions where at least one is the premise and one is  the conclusion o Example: Premise 1: All humans are mortal. Premise 2: Socrates is a human. Conclusion: Socrates is mortal. Good Arguments:
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Unformatted text preview: -truth of premises (a)-validity (b)-soundness (a + b)-cogency (a + b + everybody can tell) Arguments can be:-valid/invalid-sound/not sound-cogent/not cogent Propositions (premises and conclusions):-true/false Truth is independent from validity. In a valid argument, the conclusion logically follows from the premises. Invalid arguments can have true premises. The conclusions of an invalid argument can be a true proposition. Different arguments can have the same conclusion Validity cannot vary from person to person. Truth can very from person to person....
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Lecture Notes - 061406 - -truth of premises (a)-validity...

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