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HW Assignment 2

HW Assignment 2 - BUAD 304 12:00pm Monday Lab Jenny Xu...

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BUAD 304 12:00pm Monday Lab Jenny Xu Assignment #2 Questions for Critical Thinking 1. I disagree with the statement that communication problems are always the sender’s fault. There are a number of factors – or noise – that affect communication, sometimes by fault of the sender. The sender can sometimes filter information by “sugar-coating” information so that it doesn’t offend the person receiving the information. This results in the receiver misperceiving the intended message. The sender can also state information too complexly, or simply offer too much information at once relative to the channel richness. However, the sender is hardly ever the only one making errors in judgment in communication – the receiver has an equal part in the communication process. Receivers can selectively perceive what they want to hear or expect to hear. The perception process varies from individual to individual and differs according to personality, expectations, background, etc.
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