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Katie Kerr SOC 302 July 19, 2006 Workface Development Initiatives (Differences) 1. The old workforce development programs were opportunities for people  who had screwed up and were trying to get their life back together.   - carry a huge stigma Today’s WDP appeal to a broader range of people.  Not just for “screw  ups”. 2. The old programs were really short term and provided a low level of skill  development.  The newer programs are much longer and make a much 
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Unformatted text preview: larger financial investment. The person has skilled job training as well as overall education. 3. Old programs were not employer driven. The newer programs are employer and industry driven. James Coleman See what factors contribute the most to academic achievement 1. Most important factor: home life-where they live-what resources were available 2. How well their teacher’s scored on a vocabulary test, how literate the teachers are...
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