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Katie Kerr SOC 302 June 28, 2006 Levels of significance – the levels the specify the probability that the outcome  happened by chance Macrosociology draws on historical and anthropological information. When you draw cross-cultural conclusions, make sure the date is reliable and  that they measure the same thing. Assumptions of Macrosociology 1. Human behavior tends to follow the Rational Choice Proposition 2. Macrosociologists assume that societies may be thought of as systems a. Society is made up of a number of components or parts.
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Unformatted text preview: i. Institutions the family, politics, the economy, etc.; a relatively stable clustering of formal organizational groups, roles, norms, statuses, that are directed towards fulfilling some important social need ii. Institutionalized if a particular pattern has become part of the societys social structure Institutionalization is the same as internalization but on the macrosociological level....
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