Lecture Notes 071306 - Katie Kerr SOC 302 July 13, 2006...

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Unformatted text preview: Katie Kerr SOC 302 July 13, 2006 Functions of Family, cont. 2) To provide economic support for dependents Reproductive Strategies R Many offspring Minimal investment K fewer offspring larger investment R strategy is most adaptive when there is a high infant mortality rate and resources are unpredictable/scarce. Causes of Shift from R to K 1. Agrarian based vs. Industrial based 2. The entry of large numbers of women into the paid labor force 3. Medical advances that eliminate childhood killers 4. Condoms/Contraception 3) To provide emotional support for members Characteristics of Old European Families pigs eat neglected children "Happy is the man whose horse is alive but wife is dead" No attachment to children Lack of privacy Children left home at a young age Emotional support from peers, not family Macrocauses of the Increased Divorce Rate with Industrialization 1) Economic dependence between husbands and wives weakened (production > consumption) 2) Urbanization a. Lose support of extended family > marital discord b. Thrown into contact with more potential mates c. More opportunities to compare notes 3) Increased entry into paid labor force a. Less time to spend together b. Traditional gender roles breakdown, leads to conflict (including competition) c. Women's economic dependence on husband's reduce d. Reduced fertility ...
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Lecture Notes 071306 - Katie Kerr SOC 302 July 13, 2006...

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