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Lecture Notes 062706 - If you ensure a representative...

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Katie Kerr SOC 302 June 27, 2006 Population – the aggregate (group) of people that you ultimately want to say  something about The population is defined by the researcher If the population is small enough, no sample is necessary. Sample – refers to a subset of cases hat have been drawn from the larger  population The sample must be representative - When a sample is representative, it mirrors/reflects the population  along certain critical lines Representative 1. We need to be sure that he same has a good number of cases in it (1,000- 1,500). a. The larger the sample, the more accurate. b. The absolute size is important, not the percentage. 2. Random selection – every element has an equal or known chance of  being included in the sample.
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Unformatted text preview: If you ensure a representative sample, you can generalize any findings to the population. When we are doing research, we want to establish that one variable causes another variable. Three Criteria of Causation 1. correlation 2. time order 3. Non-spuriousness Correlation – the value of the 2 variables vary together-strength of correlation (0-1)-direction (positive/negative) Spurious correlation – a correlation that is caused by a third unknown variable “control for” the unknown variable Take original sample and divide it into 2 parts based on unknown variable Contextual effect is present when a causal relationship between two variables is dependent upon the social context in which it occurs...
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Lecture Notes 062706 - If you ensure a representative...

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