Lecture Notes - 071306 - disastrous to everyone....

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Katie Kerr PHL 304 July 13, 2006 Living on a Lifeboat Garrett Hardin The affluent ought not to help.   Lifeboat Ethics: Assumption: Lifeboats have limited carrying capacity. Excess capacity is “safety factor” Alternative 1: Admit all the needy. GH: Everybody will end up drowning.   “Complete justice, complete catastrophe.”  Alternative 2: Admit some of the needy (depending on carrying capacity) GH: How do we decide which of the needy we help?  “How do we discriminate?” Alternative 3: Don’t admit anyone (and thus preserve “safety factor”) GH: This is the right thing to do. Do you feel guilty? Get out and yield your own place! (so the boat also “purifies itself of guilt”) Do you think it’s abhorrent or unjust? GH: Let’s grant that.  At any rate, not acting, this way will be in the long run 
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Unformatted text preview: disastrous to everyone. Population: Population growth rate increases faster in poor countries than in rich countries. There are always more needy people. Helping is suicidal. You dont feel responsible/take care of/bother to administrate efficiently what you dont own. Nice positions (open access) lead only to ruin. If poor countries get help every time theres an emergency they wont learn from experience. Its their fault. The same people will always bee the needy ones (no bank, its actually a one-way street) Unavoidable cycle of events Population drop is the only solution....
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Lecture Notes - 071306 - disastrous to everyone....

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