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Lecture Notes - 062106 - doing so would produce the...

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Katie Kerr PHL 304 June 21, 2006 Utilitarianism – the morally right action is the one that produces the greatest  balance of benefits over harms for everyone affected Can the utilitarian solve this problem? - move from act utilitarianism to role utilitarianism - introduce an account of rights What effect will my doing this act  in this situation have on the general benefits  over the harms? (act utilitarianism) (a) What effect would everyone’s doing this kind of action  have on the general  balance of good over evil? (role utilitarianism) (b) Do we still have a problem? - Can we think of scenarios in which we justify a clearly unjust action even  asking question b? - Since the protection of rights is justified because it produces the greatest  benefits, wouldn’t we be justified in violating a right in the case in which 
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Unformatted text preview: doing so would produce the greatest benefit? Deontology (Kant)-Human beings have an intrinsic moral value (dignity) that ought to be respected)-Intrinsic value and rightness (as opposed to extrinsic) Rights derive from each individual’s status as human being and are therefore universal:-Cannot be violated even if they produce the most overall good Kant: Moral laws command categorically: “Always tell the truth.” (not hypothetically: “If …, then…) Virtue Ethics Against utilitarians and deontologists:-These doctrines are both universal: they seek to develop a single moral standard for all human societies-They focus on the individual – on individual wellbeing and individual rights-They ignore the social structure of human life Human beings should strive for excellence....
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Lecture Notes - 062106 - doing so would produce the...

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