Lecture Notes - 061306 - 3. Philosophical questions no clue...

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Katie Kerr PHL 304 June 13, 2006 An Introduction to Philosophy Dialogue with Isaiah Berlin Notes Three  main questions asked: 1. Why should anyone be interested in philosophy at all? 2. Why is it important? 3. What is it exactly? Thaumazein – wonder “Possession of a nagging question without any clear understanding of how to  look for the answer is where philosophy begins.”  (p. 25) Philosophy is an activity that takes us out of our comfort zone. - Seeks to elucidate concepts or analyze activities - Not a body of doctrine! Three different types of questions: 1. Empirical questions – answers by facts 2. Formal questions – answers by rules and definitions within a system
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Philosophical questions no clue Ex. What is justice? Philosophys double task: 1. To examine and criticize the presuppositions of value judgments made or implied by peoples actions: o assess reasons for and against o clarify the implications of possible lines of choice o show conflicts of values o remove inconsistencies o not to tell people what to do but face them with the issue 2. To elucidate basic concepts o Concepts are structural units of our thinking (p. 38) How do philosophers do Philosophy?-Rational Methods: logics-Arguments: reasons, not just final statements (conclusions)-Ask Why?...
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Lecture Notes - 061306 - 3. Philosophical questions no clue...

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