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Lecture Notes - 062006 - (leaving personal interest...

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Katie Kerr PHL 304 June 20, 2006 What makes the right right? - Resulting utility (the greatest good for the greatest number of people) - There are things that are intrinsically good/bad - Traditions and what the community considers virtuous Utilitarianism - Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill - The greatest good for the greatest number - Comparing “units of happiness” - Greatest balance of benefits over harms for everyone affected - As calculated by an impartial, disinterested and benevolent spectator 
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Unformatted text preview: (leaving personal interest aside)-Overall happiness-Calculate and compare the consequences of different courses of actions Deontology (Kant)-Norms and universal principles-Intrinsic moral value of human beings o Each of us has a worth (dignity) that has to be respected) “Always treat humanity, whether in yourself or in other people, as an ends in itself, and never as a mere means.”...
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