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Syllabus 2007-1

Syllabus 2007-1 - Cultural Anthropology Anth 0510-210-02...

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Cultural Anthropology Anth 0510-210-02 Professor: Jason Younker Quarter: Spring 2007(1) Office: 01-3169 Sec. 02 M/W 2-3:50 p.m. Office Hours: M/W Noon-2:00 or appt. Building/Room 6-3201 Email: [email protected] Office phone: 475-5549 Course Description: Cultural Anthropology is the study of individuals and groups within the context of culture. It examines the sociocultural, political, and economic lives of people and the interconnections among these. In this course we will examine many fundamental topics in cultural anthropology. We will, for example discuss gender, marriage, and sexuality; explore the relevance of economic and political practices; probe the ways in which culture impacts thinking in virtually all areas of life; look at the ways in which a person’s physical and mental health relates to economics and politics; and discuss the ways in which globalization and the West, in particular, has affected cultures worldwide. Readings/Required Texts: Students will be expected to pre-read assigned readings for the week as these will be the subject of lectures and class discussions. Supplemental readings will be provided by the instructor and available in the Wallace Library. Schedule of readings are listed in table. Schultz, E., and Robert Lavenda 2005 Cultural Anthropology: A Perspective on the Human Condition, 6 th ed. Oxford University Press: New York. Instructor’s Objectives: 1) Provide a comfortable atmosphere where students can reflect upon and share their cultural experiences and compare the differences and similarities of other cultures from around the globe; 2) Provide students a broad introduction to the world of cultural anthropology—what
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