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Polt 401 review - Political Science 401 Politics and Society Fall 2007 Prof Kuntz Review Sheet for Final Exam Final Exam Wednesday:30-12:30 Horton

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Unformatted text preview: Political Science 401 Politics and Society Fall 2007 Prof. Kuntz Review Sheet for Final Exam Final Exam: Wednesday, Dec 19, 10:30-12:30, Horton 204. Students arriving more than 20 minutes late will not be allowed to take the exam. Bring a number 2 pencil and eraser. Anarchism Goldmann and connections to socialism Critique of private property, government, religion Thoreau and civil disobedience Individualist versus collectivist versions Anarchism in general.......goals and strategies The Utopian Vision/the Sixties Port Huron Statement SDS 1950s and Cold War Old and New Lefts American liberalism Civil Rights/Phase I and II Vietnam American policy by administration Dienbienphu Gulf of Tonkin Tet Offensive "Credibility Gap" Nature of Antiwar Movement The Counterculture Popular Culture and changing social mores Legacies/Outcomes of the 1960s Feminism (note you are only responsible for Friedan and Wittig for the exam) Liberal and Radical versions Friedan: equality of opportunity Wittig: Patriarchy Role of Heterosexuality Lesbianism as a Political Strategy Ecology/Environmentalism Definition of Ecologism Difference with environmentalism Carson: First awareness of ecological thinking in 1960s Gore: Meaning of "Balance" Implications for Policy, particularly economic policy and economic calculations Petra Kelly: Green thinking Anti-party party Pacifism Global awareness Local/participatory democracy Post Materialism (versus materialism) Nationalism/Globalization Anderson: Relationships among language, print technology, and markets Impact on identities States and nations....historically Nationalism as constructed identity Said: Western and American views of Islamic/Arab world Western impact on Islamic/Arab world Depiction of Islam/Arab world in media and public discourse Implications for both past and present policies Terrorism.....Said's understanding and view of use of term in contemporary politics Huntington Culture clash Reasons for this argument Implications for American policy Barber Definitions of jihad and McWorld Difficulties for both regarding democracy "Solutions" or possible future ...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/22/2008 for the course POLT 401 taught by Professor Kuntz during the Fall '07 term at New Hampshire.

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