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Analysis: Books One–Three Valjean’s promise to execute Javert for the revolutionaries is revealed to be a kind and caring gesture, which perplexes Javert. When Valjean leads Javert into the deserted courtyard, he believes Valjean is about to punish him for his years of relentless pursuit. Valjean, on the other hand, not only has no intention of executing Javert, but he also goes out of his way to save the life of his tormentor. Valjean ensures that no one else kills Javert by staging his execution. Valjean’s fundamental decency astounds Javert, and his faith in his cause begins to wane. Unlike earlier, when Valjean had to beg Javert to let him rescue Cosette in Montreuil, Javert now grants Valjean one favor: Marius can return to his grandfather’s house. Valjean plays Javert’s executioner almost too well, and there’s a key foreshadowing moment when Marius recoils in dread from Valjean. Marius believes Valjean is a murderer, and he will not change his mind as long as he is unaware that Valjean has saved both his and Javert’s lives.
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