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Unformatted text preview: Music 15 Paper 1 Having never listened to classical music before, I was very eager to put on my headphones and give it a listen. After playing through the list of tracks on The Norton Recording Disk 3, I was surprised to be captivated by "Symphony No. 3 In F Major, Op.90 3rd Movement". The instruments playing in this symphony allowed me to feel able to interpret what the song was portraying. The instruments I could hear while casually listening were a violin or cello playing a very serious melody. The melody begins somewhat slow and builds a very fancy overtone. The stringed instruments then begin to play with a lot of grace. A swift and smooth transition brings the melody to represent a feeling as if an observation were being made. I would describe it as a contemplative melody, which was then at last slowed down to a dreamy tune. My favorite part came when the wind instruments succeeded into playing an extremely soothing melody to end the symphony. The changes in characteristics I found in this song added to the enjoyment I got with smooth transitions in melody than were not drastic but very easing. The pace of the symphony starts to increase slightly in the beginning and slowly declines, stabilizing for a while, and then is brought to a very satisfying ending. Through the change in rhythm and melody of the song, I felt as if it were telling a story and I picked up a wide range of emotion that the song carried. Listening to the piece at first I was a bit distracted on the computer and listened to it without much attention. After each time I heard it, the peace sounded differently as I began to pick up more of the overall feeling that the song is expressing. It was definitely a more fulfilling experience for me to listen to it intently and understand things about the song that would normally overlook. While paying attention to rhythm, melody, and other characteristics of the symphony I was able to hear the piece differently. The notes played by the stringed instrument moved in leaps, giving the song disjunct melody. The rhythm of this song seemed to follow no specific movement as it sometimes sped up or slowed down. As I payed more attention to the disjunct melody and changing rhythm I learned more from the song because it was easier to catch the expression that was being played. ...
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