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HW Assignment 3 - BUAD 304 12:00pm Monday Lab Jenny Xu...

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BUAD 304 12:00pm Monday Lab Jenny Xu Assignment #3 Questions for Critical Thinking 3. My senior year in high school, we had to complete a “senior service project” in which we organized a philanthropy project, carried it out, and wrote a report about it. I was working with a group of five other girls, two of whom were very controlling and liked to be in a delegating position. The two were friends, but often had problems with clashes in personality. Our specific project was to volunteer at a family literacy center and to organize a book drive to raise books for this particular center. The two girls were constantly struggling against each other to gain control over the group. Originally this started as a relationship conflict, which created tension in our whole group. They were always bitter towards each other and tried to get the rest of us to take sides. The relationship problem soon evolved into high levels of process conflict, with each of them trying to allocate different jobs to different people. None of us were sure what we were supposed to be doing, and so many of us ended doing repetitive or unnecessary work, which resulted in a lot of effort and time being put forth without it being necessary. By the end of the projects, tensions within the group were running high, and most of us got frustrated enough that we just threw something together and hoped for the best. This is
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This homework help was uploaded on 10/13/2007 for the course BUAD 304 taught by Professor Cummings during the Fall '07 term at USC.

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HW Assignment 3 - BUAD 304 12:00pm Monday Lab Jenny Xu...

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