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VNSA 515-lab8 report - in your topology 4.5(5 points...

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Rochester Institute of Technology Department of Networking, Security, and Systems  Administration 4050-515/4055-815 Lab 8 – ACL Report Name________________________ Activity 2 2.1  (5 Points)  Document all the ACLs you used in this activity. Activity 3 (5 Points)  Record the command you used to permit all of the addresses in your network except  PC1 and PC3. 3.2  (5 Points)  Record the command you used to create an ACL that is not host specific yet allows  PC1 out but prevents PC3 after changing PC3s address to 200. Activity 4 4.4  (5 points)  Document the ACLs used to accomplish this activity and where they were applied 
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Unformatted text preview: in your topology. 4.5 (5 points) Document the ACLs used to accomplish this activity and where they were applied in your topology. Activity 5 5.1 (5 Points) Record the ACLs you used on each of your router interfaces to accomplish this task. 5.2 (15 Points) Write a paragraph that describes your environment and the specific approach you took to this problem. Include which ACLs you applied on which interfaces and why. You may also include a labeled diagram if you feel that will make your explanation clearer. 4050-515/4050-815 2007...
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