CLASS _6 Contracts winter 2008

Evidence extraneous to the contract that contradicts

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Unformatted text preview: alters the meaning of the contract in any way is inadmissible. Parol Evidence Rule If integrated contract, court will not receive into evidence the parties': prior negotiations, prior agreements, contemporaneous oral agreements if that evidence contradicts or varies the terms of the parties' written contract. Prenuptial agreement An agreement made before marriage that defines each partner's ownership rights in the other partner's property. Prenuptial agreements must be in writing to be enforceable. PERFORMANCE DISCHARGE Discharge The termination of an obligation fully performed contractual obligations or when events, conduct of the parties, or operation of the law releases the parties from performance. Performance complete or substantial Breach Anticipatory repudiation An assertion or action by a party indicating that he or she will not perform an obligation that the party is contractually obligated to perform at a future time. Breach of contract The failure, without legal excuse, to perform the obligations...
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