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Lab 6 - Advanced Routing Study Guide

Lab 6 - Advanced Routing Study Guide - Answer the following...

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Rochester Institute of Technology Department of Networking, Security, and Systems  Administration 4050-515/4055-815 Lab 6 – Advanced Routing Study Guide Instructions:  In an attempt to more closely tie lectures to the weekly lab experience, we have prepared a series of  preparation questions. These are required to be completed and will be counted as part of your lab  grade. Some of your exam questions will come from these study guides.
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Unformatted text preview: Answer the following questions: 1. (3 points) Define static routes, default routes and learned routes on a router. 2. (7 points) On which routers in a network would you use static routes, default routes, and learned routes. Explain your thinking. 4050-515/4055-815- 1 -Lab 6 Report - 20071...
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  • Computer network, default routes, Rochester Institute of Technology Department of Networking, Define static routes

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