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Unformatted text preview: 4050-515 Friday Activity --- Week 5 Consider the simple topology given below. Suppose the destination network is attached to segment E. The cost of reaching E from routers A, B & C are A B C 3B 2D 3B (hop count, next hop) Now the B-D link fails. Complete the following table for successive distance vector table entries for destination E . A B C 3B 2D 3B 3B INF 3B 4C 4C 4A 5C 5C 5A 6C 6C 6A 7C 7C 7A 8C.... 8C.... 8A.... Now use split horizon and complete the table A B C 3B 2D 3B 3B INF 3B 4C inf 4A Inf 5C Inf 6B inf inf inf inf 7A Inf..... 8C...... Inf..... Does split horizon help in the "count to infinity" problem? What is the suggested solution? No. Split Horizon doesn't help. We need something like holddown timer along with split horizon to solve this problem. C A B D E ...
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