Hamilton Sp99 Con Law II Exam

Hamilton Sp99 Con Law II Exam - Hamilton(Prof-CON LAW rr—...

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Unformatted text preview: Hamilton (Prof)'-CON LAW rr—' ' a ggzfiféif FINAL EXAMS c.1/ _ ' .' / M Soc. Sec. FINAL EXAM Constitutional Law II Spring 1999 Professor Hamilton 2.5 Hours This exam is in two parts. The first part consists of two short essay questions. Each short essay question is worth 25 points. All answers to the short essay questions must be written in the sgace allotted on the exam page. Do not write answers to short essav Questions in blue books. The second part is a single fact pattern worth 50 points. Allot your time and effort accordingly. Be careful to base your answer on the facts as given. Yo ur answers should be clearly You may refer to any written materials during the exam. ARE YOU GRADUATING IN JUNE? Ham: ‘ (on [435.3 BM-“x 59 W 1/2 fl) , Soc. Sec. FINAL EXAM Constitutional Law 11 Spring 1999 Professor Hamilton Part I (50 points). 2 Short Essay Questions. Instructions: Answer each ofthe following questions as concisely as possible in the snace provided on‘the exam sheet. Do not answer these questions in vour blue books. 1. Rio Grande is a small town in Nevada. It was originally settled in the 1870's by slaves fleeing the south. As a result, the town is 80% black, with the remainder of residents being a mix of races. The 20% has never had a representative on the town council. In the spirit of fairness. the town council just re-constituted itself and included a seat for “any person who is of a race that has not served on the town council between 1870 and 1999.” Is this constitutional? 2. The legislators of the State of Progress have decided that too many teen-agers get abortions. They instituted, therefore, a law that forbids any woman under the age of 18 from getting an abortion. A l6—yeanold girl who is 24 weeks pregnant is challenging the law. Is she likely to win? 0/3 oi Page 3 . . . . Part 11 (50 pomts). Essay Question. Instructions: You are an aide to a state legislator. The following proposed legislation just landed on your desk. The hearings are attached write a memorandum explaining why this is or is not constitutionaL The Religion Is Good for You Bill Sec. 1 Purpose. To increase the moral quality of our daily lives. Sec. 2 Any time there is a burden on any person’s rel the entity causing the burden must pay the person whose rel $1000 for each day the burden lasts. igious belief. expression. or conduct, igious beliefor conduct is burdened Sec. 3 Definitions. “Entity” means any state or local government or governmental official, or any private individual or institution. Sec. 4 Exceptions. Sec. 2 will not a or neo-Nazis are making claims. In such case burden. pply in circumstances when either Satanists, atheists. s, a burden will be acceptable unless it is an enormous Sec. 3 If any provision of this law is found ille gal or unconstitutional, it may be severed. leaving the rest of the law in force and effect. Hearings: (1) Mainstream Christians R Us testified that they have been losing members and need this bill in order to survive. They fear they are in danger of losing their identity and be lieve it is difficult to increase membership if they cannot practice whatever practices they deem rel igiously required. (3) Satanists testified that they had been unable to secure zoning permits necessary to build temples in many communities. (4) Atheists testified that they were considering calling their set of be advantage of the free exercise clause. liefs a “religion” to take (5) Neo-Nazis testified that their numbers we re growing dramatically in the prisons and that they are raising money to increase their membershi p outside the prisons. \hsJ ' {7) ...
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Hamilton Sp99 Con Law II Exam - Hamilton(Prof-CON LAW rr—...

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