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Unformatted text preview: Rochester Institute of Technology Department of Networking, Security, and Systems Administration 4050-515/4055-815 Lab 8 Access Control Lists During this lab you will be experimenting with standard and extended ACLs. Activity 1 Topology Build the following network between yourself and your neighbors bench. Each bench will have an internal network (10.10X.TT.0) and a link to the center router (10.10X.T.0). All PCs should have their IP addresses and gateways configured. Test your topology by pinging around the network. PC #1 Hub Your Bench 2514 PC #3 E0 2621 Hub Their Bench 2514 E0 PC #3 PC #1 Spare Hub Spare Hub PC #2 PC #2 Activity 2 Standard ACLs 1. Remember that when you use ACLs, an automatic deny all is appended to the end of your list. Document all the ACLs created for this Activity for inclusion in your report. 2. Create a standard ACL statement that allows all traffic from the internal network to go out. 3. Apply this statement to the inside interface of your bench 2514. 4. Test by pinging from both internal machines to the opposite PC1. 5. Remove this ACL statement and create one that is specific to your PCs and allows their traffic to be passed. 6. Apply this to the same interface and test ping from both PCs to the opposite PC1. 7. Apply an ACL to the one port of your 2514 that disallows traffic from PC3 of the other bench. When you are done the PC1s should be able to ping each other but thats it....
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/21/2008 for the course VNSA 515 taught by Professor Mishra during the Spring '08 term at RIT.

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515-lab8-mishinstructions-20071 - Rochester Institute of...

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