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Prof. Maloney FIN 311 - PFP 8:30AM - M,W,F Reflection Paper - Money: Treasure for the King I was surprised by the tone and arguments of the article Money: Treasure for the King . It was based on current Catholic thought and some historical interpretations of how much charitable giving good Catholics should participate in. Several stories both from the author and the Bible were helpful in clarifying the essence of the article. Generally recognized as the two major schools of monetary philosophy, spending and saving, both stereotypes were warned against missteps in overindulging in their predisposition to one idea or another. Spenders should seek to restrain themselves to better examine and scrutinize worthwhile causes to contribute to, while savers should realize they cannot take their amassed wealth with them after this life. Ultimately God will provide for all in heaven, but while we are on earth it is our responsibility to try to best manage the resources available to us, be them financial or other. I found the author’s personal account of playing bingo with a friend particularly
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