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Prof. Maloney Entrepreneurial Finance 3/12/2008 Assignment #3: Analysis of Key Financial Developments and their Impact on Neoforma Comment on the sequence of financing that took Neoforma from start-up to IPO. What prompted management to choose specific types of financing? What forms of guerilla financing did the firm employ? From Neoforma’s inception, Wayne and Jeff employed many various types of financing to give their start-up a chance to grow. At first, Neoforma was being supported by Wayne’s former company. Neoforma’s database was helping to address a problem his previous employer Varian and its customers faced. Discuss the benefits external advisors and investors offer to an entrepreneurial firm,
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Unformatted text preview: other than capital? Provide examples for Neoforma. Many miscalculations were made in the development and growth of govWorks. Describe Wayne’s control over time and discuss whether you agree with Wayne’s decision to give up control. The organizational model that was used called for a two CEO system. What steps did Neoforma take to increase its appeal before IPO? I think Kaleil is obviously a very energetic, competent leader. Explain underpricing, indicate who benefits from its practice and examine the ethical implications of underpricing from the perspective of early Neoforma investors. At times, the filming of,...
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