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Prof. Maloney Entrepreneurial Finance 3/12/2008 A Case Analysis Comment on the basic concept of What was the revenue model? was a very interesting movie. It candidly portrayed a new technology venture’s startup and the process that shaped its cultural metamorphosis. The company being created was branded govWorks and its basic mission was to make government operations more efficient in their interactions with citizens. Using govWorks it would be possible for people to renew drivers’ licenses and pay tickets from the comforts of their home or office. These services would be offered for a nominal fee per usage. The fee would be charged to the municipality much like the current credit card business model of charging vendors wishing to offer the service. As an added revenue stream the site also hosted banner advertisements which themselves offer three potential revenue streams. Banner ads’ revenue model has a revenue stream from site traffic, pay-per-click, and e-commerce. The site traffic revenue stream occurs when the number of visitors to the site becomes significant enough for companies to want to place advertisements with govWorks. Pay-per-click is a percentage based income stream whenever an ad is clicked on by a visitor to the site. Finally e-commerce occurs
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govWorks - Prof Maloney Entrepreneurial Finance...

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