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Introduction to Theology Notes - Section Two Notes

Introduction to Theology Notes - Section Two Notes -...

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SECTION TWO Judaism – Religion and culture; Jewish comes from Judah Axis Mundi – Great center Iran is Shia dominated Saudi Arabia is Suni dominated Abrahamic Faiths: 1. Judaism 2. Christianity 3. Islam Middle East – “Highway of war” Mesopotamia – “Land between two rivers,” Tigris and the Euphrates; “Fertile Crescent”’ Classical Antiquity – Where western civilization comes from Zion – Metaphor for going home Jerusalem – Study of brotherly love Bible – “Little books” Judaism: 1. Creation 2. Covenant 3. Salvation history Canon – Measure, order, which are included Catholics say God inspires the Bible Saint – Measure of other human beings Ruah – Presence of God/Breath of God Yahweh – “I am who I am” (We believe Yaweh was originally part of a polytheistic religion) Supersessionism – Christianity supersedes Judaism El – God Arabic – “Al [God]”: Allah Adonai – The Lord Elohim – God Elshaddai – Mountain God Israel – One who struggles with God Emmanuel – God is with us Etiological Story – Mythical story of origins Doublet – Two stories from different oral tradition Sitz In Leben: 1. Time of story 2. Authors time 3. Readers time TaNaKh – Acronym T: Torah Law First five books of the bible 1. Genesis – Birth
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2. Exodus – Journey, going home, exiting slavery 3. Leviticus – Book about laws (most often used against minorities) 4. Numbers – Census 5. Deutoronomy – Second law (recap) Monotheism Importance of Jerusalem Attribute books to Moses Most important in Judaism Pentateuch – Five Scrolls (another word for Torah) Nebi’im (im – plural) – Navi Prophets – Mouthpiece of/for God Social Justice: Jubilee Laws – Prevent slavery [put in place for every 7 years] - All debt was forgiven - Slaves are set free - Sabbath is the day of rest - Midrash - Rabbi: Teacher - Land goes fallow and goes back to the original owners Modern Judaism: - Orthodox (Most conservative) - Conservative - Reform - Reconstruction Shema YISRAEL – 6:4 “Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind” Yamika – Reminder you are ALWAYS in presence of God Tefellin – Little boxes that orthodox Jews wear on the head, wrist, or around the neck Kosher – Lifestyle; followed strongly by orthodox Jews Kethuvim – Composed of two types of literature 1. Historical 2. Wisdom (personified as a woman) – Teaches how to get as much out of life as possible King David Psalms Proverbs Solomon Hebrew Canon Writings Christian Writings T – Law T - Law N – Prophets K – Writing K – Writing N – Prophets Job: Social Darwinism/Meritocracy Revenged Theology – If God doesn’t like you he punishes you on earth Creation - Ex Nihilo: Out of nothing Catholic Dogma: God is author of all things Covenant = Testament = Promise Symbol of life in ancient world Seal of a covenant: - Meal - Marriage - Sacrifice Abrahams covenant from God – You will become the father of many nations/generations Holocaust – Burnt offering to God Contemporary – In time with
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