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psychology test 2 - Mark Rosenzwieg: curious about whether...

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Mark Rosenzwieg: curious about whether early experiences change the brains development. Took two groups of animals, one group had an enriched environment, and the other had barren, isolated conditions. Concluded that the brains of animals growing up in enriched environment developed better and weighed more, had thicker layers, more neuronal connections, and higher levels of neurochemical activity Rodin and Langer: patients given control and self determination were more alert and active “Cat in the Hat” study: preg woman read book over and over, when babies born they prefer when mom reads same story rather that a diff story. They concluded that babies highly intoned to language. Maramus and kwashiorkor: both forms of malnutrition. Proximedistal pattern: growth starts at center of body and mover toward the extremities Which phase in physical growth is most rapid: Infancy From birth to 1 years of age infants TRIPLE their weight Main class of male sex hormones is: Androgen plasdisity: “Mankato Nuns”: Influential factor in delaying brain deterioration in old age. Challenging the brain helps to live longer.
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psychology test 2 - Mark Rosenzwieg: curious about whether...

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