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psychology test 1

psychology test 1 - Which theory emphasized biology...

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Life Span= Conception to death 8 characteristics of life span development= Lifelong Multidirectional Plastic Contextual Multidisciplinary Multidimensional 20 th century life expectancy= 30 years 3 types of contextual influences on development= cognitive processes biological precesses socioemotional processes OR Nature vs nurture Stability vs change Continuity vs discontinuity Piage, Freud and charles= stages 3 ways to conceptualize age= 1. Biologically young 2. psychological young 3. socially young Stages of maturation= discontinuous Biology= nature Environment= nurture Bronfenbremer= ethological theory Psychoanalytical= unconscious processes Criticisms of Freuds psychoanalytic: Difficult to test Based on retrospective accounts Unconscious Sex Personality fixed early
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Diff between freuds and ericksons theorys= Erickson was lifelong theorist, and believed people changed throughout lifetime, not set by age 5 Major contribution from vygotsky= children actively construct understanding of world
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Unformatted text preview: Which theory emphasized biology, evolution…= ethological Advances and limitations to various research methods Experimental vs correlational study Cross sectional vs longitudinal vs sequential Develop large brain to deal with diversity= Diversity 20,000-25,000 Genes Genotype vs phenotype What 2 genetic disorders caused by an extra set of chromosomes= XYY and downs Mitosis vs miosis Behavior genetics= field that seeks to untangle influence to hereditary and environment Examples of 3 diff genotypes= Passive Evocative Active Prenatal stages of development= germinal, embryotic, fetal Probability for structural defect is greatest in= embryotic period Earliest point that a fetus can survive outside of whom= 25 weeks Low birthweight= leading cause is from mother smoking Why women get se? Tiffany fields research: used massage Teratogen= any agent that can cause a birth defect Which research method studies causality= Experimental...
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psychology test 1 - Which theory emphasized biology...

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