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Lecture 2-25 - execution-The syntax is nearly identical to...

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February 25, 2008 Looping Structures: “While” Loops Exam 1:  March 10   for loops, while loops, vector/matrix operations… Conditional loops: while loops Execute until specified condition is false - E.g. While the error is unacceptable, refine the calculations to improve accuracy. Replaces indefinite amount of redundant code Indefinite loops while [logical expression] % executable code end - The variable used in the logical expression of the while loops must be initialized prior to 
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Unformatted text preview: execution.-The syntax is nearly identical to an if-statement-Variable in logical expression must be changed in code otherwise it will never end. a=1; while a<10 disp(‘a<10’) a=a+1; end Using “greater than” for the idea of until while error >= 0.01 % calculate another iteration of % the square root % recalculate error end ICA on square root Don’t check for equality of computed quantities p.103-106: ex1 on p.105...
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