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Unformatted text preview: Thoughts on 'Lolita' Writing 3020 One of the things that struck me about Lolita was the protagonist Humbert, who effectively digs himself deeper and deeper into a hole based on his own paranoia. After watching Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of the novel I noticed that in contrast to the book descriptions Humbert appeared as a completely sensible man and a father figure, but also as a man who could never act on his desires(at least not explicitly). The 'forbidden fruit' and criminal motif that is central to the relationship between Humbert and Lolita does extremely well to emphasize Humbert's inability to settle into his near-incestuous relationship with his stepdaughter. We see Humbert who by his own doing and by mere circumstance comes to be the sole caretaker of Lolita, a position in life he finds fortunate. However, from the start an audience knows this erotic relationship is doomed. Like Macbeth, Humbert begins to become paranoid and suspicious of everyone. He becomes his own enemy and the more he tries to protect his situation with Lolita, the more he drives her away. I find it particularly interesting that Humbert always sees himself on the run, as a criminal in drives her away....
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