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HW Assignment 4 - BUAD 304 12:00 Monday Lab Jenny Xu...

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BUAD 304 12:00 Monday Lab Jenny Xu Assignment #4 Case incident: I detest beurocracy Critical Thinking 3. The Matrix structure provides several benefits. It is designed by combining functional and product departmentalization. The manager of the functions department in a matrix structure oversees the aspect related to the function which an employee is carrying out. The product department manager in a matrix structure supervises the particular program or product to which the employee tends. Each employee has two bosses overseeing different parts of their work. Because of this duel chain of command, coordination across departments and for interdependent activities is facilitated. Managers don’t get so caught up managing their own division that the company as a whole suffers. Communication is increased because of the direct contact between the employee and the managers of the two departments. Also, since an employee in the matrix system is involved in two different departments, he or she can utilize his or her different talents accordingly. The Matrix structure also has detrimental side effects. Without a clear-cut “boss” or authority structure, there is a large amount of ambiguity concerning who is more powerful. Employees can get confused about to whom they go to with a problem or
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HW Assignment 4 - BUAD 304 12:00 Monday Lab Jenny Xu...

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