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History Notes 111307 - History Notes 11/13/07 America in...

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History Notes 11/13/07 America in the 1920’s I. Technology, Organization, and Economic Growth- In the 1920’s manufacturing output went up dramatically The economic boom was aided by technology such as the assembly line Rubber, glass, tool companies, oil corporations and road construction benefited from the assembly line With the increase in mobility the country came closer together The radio also brought the nation closer together, by the end of the 1920’s almost every family owned a radio II. Labor- Although the economy was doing well more than 2/3 of the population lived at a “minimum comfort level” Employers adopted a paternalistic system called “welfare capitalism” employers wanted to keep workers happy so they will stay with the company and to prevent them from forming a union Through the “welfare capitalism” system workers received raises and shorter work weeks. Raises received were un-proportional to the growth of the economy; annual wages were $1,500/year below the $1,800/year considered necessary to maintain a decent standard of living. This meant that often several family members had to work Women joined the workforce in increasing numbers; worked in “Pink collard jobs” they were secretaries, switchboard operators, sales clerks etc. Because of the service only work women did they were not
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History Notes 111307 - History Notes 11/13/07 America in...

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