05-12-01 Speckle Trout Rash

05-12-01 Speckle Trout Rash - Speckle Trout . Although he...

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Fornecker 1 Benjamin Fornecker Close Reading and Critical Writing December 1, 2005 A Comment on Lanny and Wendy in Ron Rash’s Speckle Trout (176) Ron Rash describes Lanny as a timid character that dislikes women in his short story Speckle Trout . Lanny meets a girl named Wendy and sees her as “wormy and mangy” (182:3), proving the point that Lanny hates women. This girl, however, had “deep blue” (182:3) eyes “like a jaybird’s feathers” (182:3). Lanny soon thought nothing of it as Wendy disappeared to the back of her trailer. After drinking a few beers, Lanny decided to go to the bathroom, but on his way he encountered Wendy sitting on a bed in the next room. He came back into the bedroom and sat to talk to Wendy. His sarcasm toward the girl showed his hatred for females: “What you offering?” (184:5). He treated her like a cheap prostitute, but realized that it was dumb for him to say. Wendy’s character served the sole purpose of character disclosure in Ron Rash’s
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Unformatted text preview: Speckle Trout . Although he didn’t like girls, he seemed to find Wendy attractive due to her beautiful eyes. “If you could just keep looking into her eyes, she’d be a pretty woman…” (182:3). Maybe it was the few beers he drank before that made him go and talk to her, but he found her to be the type of person that he could find himself becoming intimate with. She also didn’t let others tell her Fornecker 2 what to do. If she felt like she was being pushed around, she simply said no. After Leonard asked her to get them some beer, Wendy replied by saying, “Get them your ownself” (182:5). The relationship between Wendy and Lanny did not seem like anything, however it showed Lanny’s ability to speak to girls despite his hatred toward their gender. Wendy provided a sense of disclosure and Lanny treated her badly. It was just what he needed and Lanny received the closure that he seeked when hitting on her. (312 words, 6 citations)...
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05-12-01 Speckle Trout Rash - Speckle Trout . Although he...

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