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12_08 Paper 2 - Fornecker 1 Benjamin Fornecker Prof Penella...

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Fornecker 1 Benjamin Fornecker Prof. Penella Intro to Ancient Roman History 8 December 2006 Martin of Tours: Devout Christian In Early Christian Lives Sulpicius Severus takes the reader on a journey through the life of Martin of Tours. Severus explains how Martin matures from a young soldier to a grown man of faith. His role as a man of faith took on various forms such as monk, exorcist, and bishop. Severus followed Martin’s life while he was still living, which gives reasoning to why there has not been that much written about him after this time period. While serving as a soldier, Martin converted to Christianity and used his military leadership ability to excel as a servant and preacher of the Lord. His life during the 4 th Century was filled with turmoil and hardship, as were the lives of many Christians during this time period. Throughout his life, Martin has been attributed for performing multiple supernatural events. These later were considered while canonizing him for sainthood. When Martin was just an adolescent, he was given his first taste of difficulty and hardship when his father betrayed him at the age of fifteen. His father’s actions had caused Martin to be arrested. One day after being arrested and becoming a member of the military, Martin performed what could be considered his first miracle. Martin came across a naked beggar who was in search of pity. When every one else stayed far away, Martin decided to be the “good Samaritan” and clothed him with his cloak. The people were amazed that Martin could help this man, while still keeping himself clothed. This
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Fornecker 2 inspired Martin to retire from his life in the military and convert to a devoted man of God. Severus relates the beggar experience to an appearance of Christ Shortly after his retirement from the military, Martin made a journey to visit the Bishop of Poitiers. Poitier would be where he would perform and influence his first
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12_08 Paper 2 - Fornecker 1 Benjamin Fornecker Prof Penella...

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